Grupo de Productos / Instruments and Shunts for Welding Machines

Ammeters/Voltmeters, and Hobbs meters

   The MCT line is the modern days alternative for measuring electrical quantities in welding. Double digital current and tension indicator with or without Hobbs meter function, which are easily identified through their distinctly colored displays (red and green).

   Instruments are optimized for measuring electrical welding parameters. Readings are given in a stable manner, with no rapid value alteration.

  Another important feature is the maintaining of the last read values for a few seconds, or permanently, after the arc is extinguished. This allows the operator themselves to regulate the equipment, adding quality and productivity to the process.

   The instruments function as a Hobbs meter and indicate the total open arc time (welding time) and the number of arcs per welding (amount of weld beads). An important tool that helps control production.

"Secon designs and supplies instruments and controlers for the welding industry. These products are exclusive and not sold directly to the market"


- Secon designs and provides tools and drivers for the welding industry area . They are exclusive products direct sale to the market.

Verification/ Calibration 

Secon developed, alongside MSC Tecnologia Eletrônica Ltda (, a variety of products dedicated to qualification in welding. This is a line of equipment that allows for the verification and calibration of instruments responsible for reading electrical welding parameters in the factory floor.