SECON is company that develops, manufactures, and commercializes its own products. It acts mainly in the areas of automation, control and instrumentation. It offers a great variety of products developed especially to satisfy the needs of the industry and of technical sectors connected directly to improving new technology.


Secons history dates back to 1993 with the basic idea for "Project Hall", developed by the Electrical Engineering Department of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS). Headed by its founding partner, the companys first address was Porto Alegre Technological Incubator, where Secons first products were developed and projected. After a period of incubation, it was transfered to an address at the neighborhood of Rio Branco, in the same city, where the corporate structure saw the addition of two new engineers who came from UFRGS as well.

Secon was a pioneer in Brazil on the development and production of fed back hall effect current sensors and as of today has a portfolio with hundreds of products. Its current address is at Bairro Azenha, in Porto Alegre, RS.

Company Mission

Supporting its clients through customer service, development, production and commercialization of quality products and services in a way that sees to the needs of the market.

Quality Policies

Secon focuses on client satisfaction. It works for continuous improvement in its activities in order to meet and antecipate needs, without ignoring professional ethics.

Vision of the future

- Be a world standard reference in the areas it operates.

Secons Principles and Values

- Acting with responsibility, honesty, dignity, respect, and commitment.
- Taking on and honoring responsibilities ("Fulfilling promises!”).
- Being competent.


In developing its own brand of technology, Secon aims at offering innovative and reliable products,  as well as creating solutions dedicated to several applications. Current sensors - and a major part of the transducers - developed and manufactured by Secon use HALL technology. The company offers differentiated and highly technological products.

As for instruments, its offers a great variety of models, and also has extensive experience creating solutions in digital instrumentation for measuring electrical parameters in welding processes.